My cup runneth over

I have had a couple cup runneth over moments as of late with my kids. I am aware their journey into small adults is right in front of my face, and I am trying my darnedest to take a mental memory of all of it… It goes too fast.



Over the last couple of weeks, I have gotten to experience a call from my son telling me that I should grab my camera and run outside after a recent afternoon rain and get a picture of the grass, and that the rain on the grass might be a pretty shot. He has taken an interest in photography lately, and we made a trip to downtown Hutchinson together to take some shots of Avenue A park during the golden hour, right before sunset. It was fun to get some shots on my camera of my son taking pictures. Even funner, to scroll through his photographs, and listening to him tell me about what angle he liked, and why he framed it the way he did. I love photography and it’s a wonderfully soothing outlet for me, I love that I can share it with Chance and that he’s kind enough to share with me.

20130303_192216Recently, I played in a volleyball match with my daughter. I have coached her since she was in 3rd grade, and those are some of our most special memories. We have been able to play together for the last couple of years, and this last time we played together, it was different. My role changed from coach to a teammate, it was fun for me to watch her on defense digging a ball up, and I realized that she was in the perfect spot after making the perfect read on the way the ball would travel. Watching her communicate well on the court and smile after a great play and sharing those moments with her on a different level from a different viewpoint is a wonderful thing.

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