Know the Rules… So you can Break the Rules

Sometimes we are called disrupters. In the business world, having the rules tattooed onto your DNA is something that happens while you are learning #allthethings about the industry. So you “follow the rules” and do what you have learned is the right thing to do.

We are taught the “right” things to do, based on what others are doing, what others are having success with and sometimes… only “because we have always done it that way.”

Breaking Rules |  I am not talking about breaking laws, that’s a different post.

The rules are only limiting what we think is possible. What we believe will work. What we have proof about what works.


Ask yourself, how can I DISRUPT my industry?

It will be by breaking the rules.

It will be by doing something different than everyone else.

It will be by seeing a new opportunity

It will be by taking that thin road that only God and gumption can give you the guts to take.


I encourage you to take a vacation and get away from your day-to-day. Feel the quiet and calmness, because that’s where the magic happens.



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