Project Mission

This is the girl that got me started taking pictures one summer day. This is also the girl that made me a mom for the first time. It was so special to be able to take my daughters pictures for her senior year. She stood patiently as a model while I learned my camera and how to find the right light.

While I was editing her pictures, and  zoomed in so far that the image loses an identity – I would have to catch my breath a bit once I was able to see the whole image, the pink in her cheeks, the beautiful smile, her sparkly eyes, her huge heart all showed through the picture to me.

trip1IMG_0164a trip1IMG_0172 trip1IMG_0179 trip2IMG_0515 trip1IMG_0156a trip2IMG_0487 trip2IMG_0446 trip2IMG_0392edited trip2IMG_0504 IMG_0446edited IMG_0995 IMG_0858 IMG_0843bw IMG_0824 IMG_0811 IMG_0804