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She speaks TRUTH into you, and her goal is to empower and advance women in their jobs.¬†When you have a first conference call with a client, and immediately realize how well you are clicking and trust each other, it’s exciting. Lisa is the CEO of BIGSKY Coaching & Consulting, she climbed the ranks of leadership as an executive in sports television. I am so lucky to have such amazing clients, that push me. Grace, Grit & Getting It Done offers a practical guide for women who want to focus on their professional priorities, expand their influence, increase their earnings, and advance in their careers. Host Lisa Gillette, former sports television executive, and lifelong equal pay activist, is intimately familiar with the special challenges all women face in the workspace. Weekly episodes feature conversations with recognized experts, authors, and influencers, covering topics from navigating corporate culture and coping with gender bias, to prioritizing self-care and managing work/life balance.

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