About Tamajama

I am Tamara Heitschmidt, a website designer/developer in Kansas. I am self-taught. Always teaching, always learning. I work from home for myself and have clients across the United States and from right here in my backyard in Kansas.

My heart is in computer programming and writing code that will make beautiful websites. While I enjoy tasks that involve logic, language and analytical thinking such as writing code, I have always jumped in to things allowing me to use intuition, emotions and creativity. So designing websites is a natural fit for me as well.

I love working from the clients point of view by discovering what’s unique about a company and through experience can quickly design a website that stands them up well. I also love working from the internet’s point of view. Through my years of running a website design and development company and needing to be on the fringe of new things happening online, I can develop your website from scratch by writing clean simplified code that works well in browsers.

I have been a volleyball coach for 25 years in a club system. Volleyball was my first love of my life, and I knew someday I wanted to teach others the same sport that I love so much. If you let it… it will teach you for life. I still play, and am testing new systems, new theories and have been able to discover what works best for all mixtures of skill sets and players.

Photography was something I have dabbled in, and enjoyed doing, however it was after I jumped in with both feet that I realized that I loved it.  IT MAKES ME HAPPY.

Do things that make you happy.

Enough of the Fluff – Here’s my resume.